Accessing your Feedback and Grade in Turnitin

Once your assignment has been marked your course Instructor will let you know when your marks and feedback are available. To access marks and feedback in Turnitin, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to and log into MUSE using your University username and password
  2. Click "My Services" on the top left hand side and then click "Blackboard"
  3. From the main Blackboard home screen, locate the relevant Blackboard course from the course list.

Accessing Turnitin feedback via MyGrades

You can access the feedback and grades for assessments that you have taken in Blackboard via the My Grades link. This might include Tests, Assignments, Journals, Blogs or Turnitin assignments.

  1. From the Blackboard course navigation menu on the left hand side (near the bottom) click "My Grades"
  2. Locate the "Graded" heading and locate the Turnitin assignment you have received marks for.

    graded column in my grades
  3. Click on the assignment title
  4. Locate "My Paper" which will be listed as the second item and click the Globe icon
  5. You should now see your assignment in Turnitin. You may need to click the "quote" icon at the right hand of the screen to see the feedback.
    Students Quote Icon

Accessing Turnitin feedback via the Turnitin Icon

This method of accessing Turnitin feedback is identical to how you initially submitted your assignment to Turnitin.

  1. Once in your Blackboard course, locate the Turnitin assignment from the menu at the top left hand side (your instructor should have communicated where this will be)
  2. Click "View/Complete" on the Turnitin icon

    turnitin submitting an assignment
  3. Once in the assignment inbox, click “view”. This icon should be blue; if it isn't then your assignment has not been graded yet.

Interpreting your feedback

You will now be in the Feedback Studio report viewer. This is where you view your feedback.

  1. At the top right hand side of the paper there is the similarity index (0%-100%) and the grade that you have been given for the assignment.
  2. On the paper itself there may be some small bubble comments. Hover over these so that you can see the comments left by your instructor. Some of these comments may be free text and some may be "QuickMarks" which are commonly used marking terms.There may also be text written directly onto the paper; this will be in blue.

    Inline Feedback Students
  3. On the right hand side, look for any general comments left on the submission
  4. At the top right hand side there is the voice comments panel. If your Instructor has left you voice feedback you can press play in order to hear this audio feedback
  5. If you wish, you can download and print out your assignment with feedback. On the right hand menu, there is a download icon. Click the download icon and click "Current view".