Turnitin Known issues

last updated: March 2020

Submissions to Turnitin using Safari Browser - Now Resolved

Update - This issue has now been resolved and submissions using Safari to Turnitin will work as intended.

Uploading a submission to Turnitin using the Safari browser is currently not working. The user uploads their paper and the submission screen hangs indefinately. Turnitin are are of this and are working on a solution. As a work around you can use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Turnitin does not support Student Preview Mode in Blackboard

Turnitin does not support Student Preview Mode in Blackboard. If an instructor tries to access a Turnitin assignment with Student preview Mode engaged, then the instructor will receive the error message “Student Preview mode is not supported”.

If you wish to submit as a student, you can click “view/complete” and submit as a non-enrolled student.

Turnitin submissions via pdf do not always display correctly

Although Turnitin list PDF as being an acceptable file format to them, they only officially support PDF submissions that were originally created with Adobe Acrobat software. This is now available in the Software Centre on the University Managed Desktop service.

PDF's created using third party software or plug-ins may not be able to be read properly by the Turnitin scanning equipment and may fail to upload or may be accepted initially but then suffer a corruption in the document's formatting which can lead to problems creating an accurate Originality report.

Similarly, conversions into PDF from other formats such as Microsoft Word can also cause problems for Turnitin because Turnitin sometimes interprets these as scanned image files rather than an original text format and again this causes problems for the Turnitin scanners as they are predominantly checking for text, not images.

Turnitin grades experience a delay in release to the grade centre

If you have selected "Reveal grades only on post date" the associated column in grade centre should become visible on the post date and time selected. We are finding these are delayed for around 5 minutes. You can manually make the column visible in the grade full centre and students can access the grade from the original submission link.

Scrolling on thumbnail bar in Feedback studio if using mouse without scrollbar or laptop without trackpad.

For users who's device does not have a mouse wheel or trackpad, you aren't able to scroll down the thumbnail bar on the left hand side. You can still scroll down the document itself.

Turnitin now know of the issue and are looking to resolve this in a future update.

PeerMark - Peer Review screen always defaults to one review

There is a known issue PeerMark assignments with more than one review per student. Regardless of which peer review the student or instructor has selected to view, the first peer review received will be displayed by default instead of the one selected.

As a workaround, the user may select any review to open it up in the PeerMark viewer and then click on the "<>" links at the top-right of the screen to cycle through the other peer reviews received.