Why mark online using Turnitin Feedback Studio?

Turnitin, as part of Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) can offer a number of benefits for staff and students. This includes streamlining the assessment processes, provision of in depth and rich feedback and improvement of the student experience. Please click here for more information on  EMA and its potential benefits.

The following pages will guide you through the process of Marking and providing feedback on a Turnitin assignment.

Access your Turnitin inbox through Blackboard

From inside your Blackboard course, locate the control panel underneath the course menu navigation

  1. Click “Course Tools”
  2. Click “Turnitin assignments”
  3. You will now see a list of Turnitin assignments you have created within this particular course
  4. Click on an assignment title, this will take you to the Turnitin inbox. The Turnitin inbox is where all your student submissions for that assignment are located.

    Turnitin inbox


Although Turnitin accepts pdf submissions, only pdf's generated via adobe acrobat are guarenteed to keep the file format the same. If you notice that the paper you are marking has inconsistent formatting, this may be the cause. Check the file originally submitted to see the version with correct formatting.

Anonymous marking

You may have chosen to employ anonymous marking in your Turnitin assignment. If this is the case you will see large grey buttons instead of the student name.This feature needs to be initially activated when the assignment is set up.

There are some important things to note when employing anonymous marking:

  1. Once you receive student submissions you cannot then switch anonymous marking off under the "edit assignment" tab options
  2. You will be asked to provide a reason for switching this off. This is a free-text box.Note that you cannot then switch anonymous marking back on for that student
  3. Once marking is finished, you can bring the Post-date forward using the "edit assignment" tab, which will switch off anonymous marking. However, you will not be able to switch it back on by changing the post date back
  4. If anonymous marking is switched on, then grades will be posted to the grade centre in Blackboard once the post date is reached. If anonymous marking is switched off, then grades will be posted immediately after you have marked a piece of work. To ensure that students cannot see their grades you will need to hide that assignment column in the Blackboard grade centre.

Tips in anonymous marking

  1. Encourage students to use a specific naming convention in their assignment titles. This serves to remind them not to put their names into the assignment title, which of course would reveal their identity to the marker/s
  2. Further to the naming convention, consider employing the use of the University registration number in the assignment title. This allows administrators to identify the student fairly quickly where absolutely necessary, but still keeps anonymity intact
  3. If a student has submitted the wrong paper and you are marking anonymously, you will need to ask them for the digital receipt (Turnitin’s proof of submission). The digital receipt should be available in the student’s University Google Mail account. This receipt will have a “PaperID” on it which you can use to identify the incorrect submission. The paper can then be deleted in Turnitin in order that the student can resubmit.

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