Using Peer Mark

Why Use PeerMark?

Peer Review, the evaluation of students’ work by other students, is an important exercise. It is designed to improve students’ critical-thinking, reflection and self-reflective skills. It encourages students to engage with the feedback they receive and can also help equip them better in dealing with constructive criticism as they enter the world of employment, or further Post Graduate level studies.

There are a few steps involved in the initial setting up of a PeerMark assignment, these can be collated into two main parts. 1 – The base assignment. 2- The PeerMark assignment .

First step - Creating the base assignment:

This is the creation of a standard Turnitin assignment. This acts as a submission point for students to upload their initial work, prior to the peer review exercise. A PeerMark assignment will then be set up, after the due date of the base assignment.
To set up the base assignment, follow these steps:

  1. On a content page in Blackboard, select "Assessments" and "Turnitin Assignment"
  2. Select "Paper Assignment"
  3. Click "Next step"
  4. Enter the assignment title, and optional point value. You can choose any figure here, but a common use is 100, as this reflects the 100 point scale used in the University
  5. Select the start, due and post dates for the assignment.

Students then submit their work:

When they have completed, students log in to Turnitin in Blackboard and submit their assignments in the normal way by the due date. It is very important that students stick to the due date if they want their work to be included in the peer review process.

Second step - Create the Peermark assignment

In the next step you will be creating the PeerMark assignment itself. This can be accomplished after all your students have submitted to the base assignment, or (if you know the exact dates for the review), you can do this in advance.

In this PeerMark assignment you will need to decide the following before you create the assignment:

  1. On which dates will the Peer review take place?
  2. How papers will be distributed for review? (Anonymous? How many each? Will you choose who gets which paper or should it be random?
  3. Which criteria students must address in their reviews
  4. It is a good idea to have this information already prepared when you come to create the PeerMark assignment.

To set up a the PeerMark assignment:

  1. From within a content page on your Blackboard course select "Assessments" and "Turnitin assignment"
  2. Select "PeerMark assignment"

    picture of PeerMark assignment choices
  3. Click "Next step"
  4. Select the base assignment, that you are basing the PeerMark assignment on
  5. Select a Point value (100 is the University standard)
  6. Select start*, due and post dates**

* Start date must be after the due date of the base assignment
**Post date is when students can see their reviews

  1. Click "show more options" and select appropriate options
  2. Set the late papers date to be between the start and due dates
  3. Click "save and continue".

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