Submitting a PeerMark review in Turnitin

Accessing the PeerMark assignment

  1. Firstly log into MUSE and then Blackboard
  2. Navigate to your Blackboard module that contains the PeerMark assignment
  3. Locate the PeerMark assignment in your Blackboard module
  4. Click on view/complete. This will take you to the PeerMark inbox
  5. On the right hand side click on the button titled "write reviews"*
  6. Under "papers for review" it will show you how many papers you have to review
  7. Click "start review", this will open up the document viewer.

* If this button is greyed out it means either reviews are not ready to be written or you have already submitted a review

Completing the review

  1. On the right hand side of the document viewer you will see the list of questions that you need to answer in the review. These may be scale questions or free text boxes
  2. You can also write on the student paper itself by using the tool bar. To locate this select "tools" from the top left of your screen
  3. If you click "save" this will save the review and allow you to come back to it at a later date. This is not the same as submitting
  4. When you have finished your review click "submit". You should receive a "submission complete" box , this means that your review is now complete.

The tool bar consists of the following:

  • the "T" text button: Once selected you can click onto the paper and start writing your comment. You can then drag and drop it anywhere on the submission
  • The highlight button: Selecting this lets you click and copy a specific part of the submission text to highlight it, and then add your own comment
  • Composition marks: Here you have some commonly used marking terms that can be drag and dropped onto the paper itself.