Creating Quick Mark Sets

What are QuickMark sets?

A QuickMark set, is a set of commonly used marking terms that you can use to help you mark assignments. Turnitin provide us with a few default marking sets (e.g. Commonly used, Formatting or Composition marks). In some cases, these sets are sufficient when marking. However, If not, you can create your own QuickMark sets, or even add your own individual QuickMarks to an existing set.

Using QuickMarks, potentially cuts down on the time needed to write out commonly used marking terms. Instead of repeatedly having to write out the same comments on different students papers, you can use (or create your own) QuickMark sets to drag and drop them quickly on to the students paper.

There are two ways you can create QuickMark Sets, either from the Turnitin Inbox or from within Feedback Studio itself.

Select the appropriate tab below depending which method of setup you want to use

Creating QuickMark sets in the Turnitin inbox

Setting up – Accessing Libraries and the QuickMark Manager

The QuickMark library allows you to create new mark sets, or add to existing ones. You can then attach one of these new sets to an active Turnitin assignment that you wish to mark.

In order to access the QuickMark library, (and also where your Rubrics/Grading Forms reside), you need to do the following using an active Turnitin assignment.

  1. Click View/Complete on the assignment
  2. Click on “messages” at the top right hand side of the page
  3. From the tabs selection at the middle portion of the screen , click on “Libraries”.

    Turnitin inbox

The QuickMark Manager

You will now be presented with the QuickMark Manager.

The QuickMark Manager

The Manager is split into three sections:

Sets: These are the current sets that you have active, they contain a number of QuickMarks
Marks: These are the individual QuickMarks contained within the sets
Actions: This is the description of a particular QuickMark. The student will be able to use this to decipher what the QuickMark means.

Creating a new set

  1. From the first “set” column, select the "Plus" icon
  2. Give the new set a name
  3. Click “Save”
  4. Now locate the new set (usually resides at the bottom of the list)
  5. Now click on the "Plus" icon, from the second column titled “Marks”
  6. Add in a title and description
  7. If you wish to delete a set you can do so by clicking “delete” in the third “actions” column
  8. Click “Save” and your new Quickmark is finished.
  9. To edit the QuickMark click “edit” whilst still on the actions column
  10. Repeat the process for as many QuickMarks as you need.

Adding to an existing set

  1. In the “Marks” column, click on the QuickMark you wish to use to add to a set
  2. Click on “actions”
  3. Click on “add to set”
  4. Choose the set to add to by clicking on it.
Creating QuickMarks within Feedback Studio

Setting up – Accessing Libraries and the QuickMark Manager

Access a students work on Feedback Studio - If you are unsure how to do this see ....

  1. Enter the QuickMarks option from the right hand menu (a box with a tick in it)
  2. Click the cog to the right hand side of the panel to launch the QuickMark manager
  3. This will list all the current QuickMarks in the set you are in.

Creating a new set

  1. Click the burger menu (three lines in the top corner)
  2. Click Create New Set
  3. Give the set a name and click Save.
  4. Click the burger menu again and the name you created will be listed. Click on the name to enter that set.
  5. You can now click the Create QuickMark
  6. Give your QuickMark a title and a description.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Once you have added all your QuickMarks you can close the popup box
  9. You can then select your QuickMark from the top of the panel.

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