Making the set active in an assignment

In order to use your newly created marking set, you will need to make it active in your Turnitin assignment.

  1. From the assignment inbox,click on a particular submission you want to mark by clicking the GradeMark "blue Pencil" icon
  2. Once the assignment has opened in the Feedback Studio viewer, go to the right hand side of the screen and locate the QuickMark icon (a box with a tick in it).
  3. At the top of the page under the QuickMarks title there is a drop down list.
    Making QuickMark Set Active
  4. Select your new QuickMark set. You can now use your newly created marking terms.

You can also use the “cog” icon from the top right to open the QuickMark manager. You can create, change and delete sets just as you have in the libraries tab.

Sharing via export/import

Those QuickMark sets that you create yourself, follow you as an instructor. However, you can share them with a colleague by using the export/import function in the QuickMark Manager.

  1. From any assignment. Click on the QuickMark menu button to launch the QuickMark menu.
  2. Click the cog in the top right corner to launch the QuickMarks manager.
  3. From the QuickMark manager click the three line menu button in the top left and select the QuickMark set you want to download.
  4. Click the three line menu button again and click "Download Set"
  5. This will create a .QMS file. This file type is only readable by Turnitin
  6. Choose the location on your PC/Mac to house the file
  7. In order to share this set you will need to put the file on removable media or a shared drive or email this to your colleague.
  8. Your other user can then also go into the QuickMark manager and click “Upload set” in the same menu.
  9. Choose the location of the file to add it or you can drag and drop the file onto the page.
  10. They will now have a copy of your QuickMark set.

You can also find the QuickMarks menu in the libraries section of the assignment inbox.


Libraries menu in Tiurnitin inbox