Turnitin - Essentials for Staff

This page gives advice and activities to orientate yourself in Turnitin as a member of staff, and get a feel for the tool. It may be useful to read the What is Turnitin page before you start. This guide does not explain every step, and is not intended to show you everything the tool can do. See here for more detail in the full Turnitin guides.

How to access and setup Turnitin

Turnitin is an embedded tool within the Blackboard system. You are able to create a Turnitin assignment on any Blackboard course. This will allow students to students to submit online and enable you to provide marks and feedback online, which feed through to Blackboards Grade Centre.

More infomation on setting up Turnitin

The Turnitin inbox

Turnitin inbox

Every Blackboard course has a Turnitin inbox that can be located in the control panel of your Blackboard course. To locate the Turnitin inbox, go to Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments. This will show you the students on your course, list any that have submitted to Turnitin and allow you to take action to view their originality report and provide grades and feedback.

More information on accessingthe Turnitin inbox

Feedback Studio

From the Turnitin inbox you can access Feedback Studio. Feedback studio is the tool where three main activities take place.

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  • Viewing the students submission
  • Checking the originality report of a submission
  • Providing marks and feedback to students work

Viewing a students submission

From within the Feedback Studio screen you can view the students submission, read the content and use the supplementary tools (originality checking and feedback tools). These tools appear as layers over the top of the students work, which can be turned on or off. You can also download the original work from here too.

Originality Reports

One of the fundamental parts of the Turnitin tool is its ability to provide an originality report. This means that when a student submits work it is text matched against a number of sources:

  • Other students papers, both within our institution and others that use Turnitin.
  • Checked against internet websites, both live and archived
  • A wide range of journals, periodicals and publications

This returns a percentage score. This in itself does not indicate plagiarism, it shows instances where text in the submission matches that of another source, to allow you to review and take action on.

More information about originality reports

Feedback tools

Part of Feedback Studio is the ability to provide feedback to students on their submitted work. There are several ways to give feedback within Feedback Studio and staff tend to give varying combinations of these, though the same feedback tools should be used consistently across the assignment for all students, to provide a consistent approach.

Feedback tools available are:

  • In-line feedback (i.e. being able to mark up the assignment with comments)
  • QuickMarks - reusable comments that can be added to students work
  • Summary feedback - to give students overall feedback comments
  • Rubrics and Grading Forms - to mark students against a predefined marking template
  • Audio Feedback - To give a short audio commentary on the students work

More information on Turnitin Feedback tools.