Submitting your assignment to Turnitin

Watch the video below to find out how to submit your assignment to Turnitin, or follow the written instructions below.

Before you submit

  • Save your assignment with any cover sheets required by your department.

  • Give it a name that is easy for you to identify when you come to upload it and which follows any naming conventions required. You should seek guidance from your department about any naming conventions (For example, some departments ask you to include your student registration number in the title).

  • Ensure that your submission is under 100mb in size and under 800 pages long.

Accessing Blackboard and submitting your work

  1. Login to Blackboard through MUSE.

  2. Click on the link of the Blackboard course to which you want to submit your work.

  3. Each Blackboard course should have a Turnitin content area accessible from the left-hand menu. These are named by your tutor and there is no standard name, but look for something like: "Final assignment" "Assessments". If in doubt, contact your module leader.

  4. Click on the View/Complete link underneath the name of the piece of work you are submitting.

turnitin submitting an assignment

  1. Click the blue Submit button.

  2. Enter a title for your assignment in accordance with the convention specified by your department (your first and last names should automatically appear in the correct fields).

  3. Depending on where your file is located, click on the correct box to select your file.

student submission options

  1. Click Upload.

  2. You will be asked to preview your paper to be sure this is the correct submission.

  3. When you are happy that you have uploaded the correct file, click Confirm.

final step in submission to Turnitin

  1. You will then see a page saying ‘Congratulations – your submission is complete!’ which you will also receive as an email to your University Gmail account, this is your digital receipt.

  2. Please check that you have this and keep it safe, the digital receipt is your proof of submission.

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