Learning and teaching leadership

Governance and committees

A number of the University's formal committees are supported by APSE, including:

  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Quality and Scrutiny Committee
  • Committee for Collaborative Provision
  • Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees

An overview of committees, their responsibilities and information about how they work together can be found on the central governance web pages.

In addition APSE provides support for other groups and fora related to learning and teaching. These include:

  • Learning and Teaching Strategy Group (LTSG)
  • Learning and Teaching Cabinet
  • Teaching Leadership Forum

Teaching leadership

Professional service teams and individuals within APSE work closely with appointed academic staff at both Faculty and departmental level to implement L&T priorities across the University.

Institutional level

Professor Wyn Morgan, Vice-President for Education

Wyn takes the lead for ensuring excellence and innovation in teaching and learning for students including undergraduate, postgraduate, overseas students and those studying for University of Sheffield qualifications overseas.

Professor Brendan Stone, (Interim) Deputy Vice-President for Education

Brendan works closely with Wyn to support the development and implementation of learning and teaching strategy across the institution. He has oversight of various activities and priorities, including Elevate.

Faculty Level

Faculty Directors of Learning and Teaching (FDLTs)

FDLTs are responsible for ensuring teaching within their Faculty’s departments is engaging and well-rounded, and that programmes are developed and delivered using the Programme Level Approach.

Cross-cutting Directors for Learning and Teaching

Cross-cutting Directors are responsible for implementing and promoting the three areas of the learning and teaching strategy across the University. The three priority areas of the current strategy are digital, outward-facing and student engagement.

FDLT and CCDLT contact details here.

Departmental level

Directors of Learning and Teaching (DLTs)

DLTs work closely with FDLTs to ensure that priorities are carried out by staff in departments.

DLT contact details here.

Programme Level Approach (PLA) Leaders

PLA Leaders are members of academic teaching staff who are responsible for ensuring that PLA is progressed and its benefits maximised within their department.

PLA lead contact details here.