The Learning and Teaching Calendar

This is your "one stop shop" to University wide Learning and Teaching events.
You can access the calendar by:

1. adding it to 'my calendar' by emailing to upgrade your permissions
2 displaying it in 'other calendars' -  search
3 viewing it towards the bottom of this page

Got a University-wide Learning and Teaching event you want to share?

Invite the to your event.
Any changes you make to your event will be reflected in the diary entry. 

Criteria for inclusion

The event must be University-wide and include key information eg:

  • purpose of event

  • who can attend

  • Information about how to attend if the event is open to all - eg registration form, contact person and email

For the L&T Calendar to work effectively, all events listed need to meet these criteria.

**If you are using Internet Explorer the calendar entries will be labelled busy. Please transfer to Mozilla Firefox for the details**