Please note that the institution-specific output from WPREU's research and evaluation activities is available only to University of Sheffield staff via a Google Site.

To access internal WPREU reports and papers, please visit the WPREU Resources Google site (you will need to be logged into MUSE).

Reports include:


  • Five Years of WPREU: Critical Reflections on Evaluation, Policy and Practice in Widening Participation and Student Success (2018) External version also available here
  • Outputs from the Sheffield Student Tracking Project 2013 (2014-19)
  • Equality Challenge Unit Project Report: Increasing the Proportion of BME Students in Arts and Humanities (2019)
  • Equality Challenge Unit Porject Report: Support for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties, Mental Heath, and/or Autism Spectrum Conditions (2019)
  • Further Exploration of attainment gaps at University of Sheffield (2018)
  • Academic Skills Provision Usage: Qualitative Exploration of Student Motivations (2018)
  • Ethnicty Attainment Gap: Literature Review (2016) External version also available here
  • Literature Summary: BTEC, Vocational Qualifications and HE Progression (2017)
  • BME Attainment Gap Project (2016)


  • Equality Challenge Unit project report: Supporting students with specific learning difficulties, mental health, and/or autism spectrum conditions (2019)
  • Equality Challenge Unit project report: Understanding the experiences of BME students in Arts and Humanities (2019)
  • HeppSY: BAME students' experiences of barriers to higher education and the HeppSY+ Programme (2019)
  • HeppSY: delivering a collaborative approach (2019)
  • Financial Support Evaluation (2018)
  • Financial Support Evaluation (2017)
  • IMPACT report (2018)
  • 301 Usage Report: Overview of Usage Patterns (2017)

WP Student Population Profile

  • TUoS 2018 New Entrants University Profile