Miriam Miller

Miriam Miller

Telephone: 0114 222 0415
Email: miriam.r.miller@sheffield.ac.uk
Office: New Spring House, Ground Floor

Academic Profile

I graduated as a mature student in 2014, with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield. After graduation, I worked for a year at Sheffield Students Union, as the elected Women’s Officer. When I finished my term as Women’s Officer, I worked as a research associate in the Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Unit (WPREU) for a year, focussing on the ethnicity attainment gap and the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students in higher education (HE). I started as a researcher and evaluator in WPREU permanently in December 2016.

Research Interest

I view widening participation (WP) as being about more than just getting students in to university, and so my research interests largely focus on the way in which students from WP backgrounds are supported to fulfil their potential during their time in HE and beyond. I am also particularly interested in how we can learn from what other institutions are doing in order to close the sector-wide attainment gap, how we can decolonise the HE curriculum and the academy, and the ways we can use participatory and collaborative approaches in a higher education context to improve university policies and practices.

Currently I am working on two collaborative projects with the Equality Challenge Unit. One is focussed on increasing the proportion of BME students in the Arts and Humanities faculty, and one is focussed on exploring how students experience our support services for people with Specific Learning Difficulties, mental ill-health and/or autism spectrum conditions.


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