Resources: Widening Participation Evaluation Questionnaires

“At a time when university budgets are under significant pressure and when there are severe constraints on public expenditure, it is particularly important that all outreach activity is evaluated for its effectiveness, otherwise efforts and resources are both wasted and universities miss the chance to put their efforts behind proven activities."

Alan Milburn, University Challenge: How Higher Education Can Advance Social Mobility (2012)

The key challenge in evaluating the diverse range of WP activities that happen across the institution are identifying a set of themes or objectives that are common to all to allow a consistent approach to be taken, whilst at the same time, allowing for the specificity of each activity to be addressed.

The WPREU evaluation questionnaire is used to ask a number of ‘core’ questions that can be applied to most, if not all, WP outreach activities, but also enables practitioners to add their own questions (up to 4 free text and / or 4 Likert scale).

The core questions evaluated objectives that are common to most WP activities currently being undertaken:

• Awareness of HE
• Aspiration to HE
• Self-confidence and motivation
• Immediate response to the activity

There are three questionnaires available:

• Activities for Years 7&8
• Activities for Years 9 -13 (and post-education)
• Questionnaire for accompanying teachers

Please note that these questionnaires are intended for ‘one off’ or stand-alone activities. If you are running a more intensive programme or activity which involves several interactions with the same participants and would like to track their responses over time, please contact Julian or Kim.

Using The Questionnaires

Please download the guidance form / coversheet.

Please download the pdf questionnaire.

Add the activity title and date to the form and any text response questions (Q21-24) or Likert scale questions (Q26-29). Print off as may copies as you need for your activity and an extra blank copy. Please ensure that you print each questionnaire rather than photocopying them and set the print setting to print ‘actual size’. Photocopying will reduce the size of the copy and it will not be recognised by our optical mark reading software.

The questionnaire should take around 5 minutes for participants to complete (depending on the number of optional questions you have added) and is designed for use at the end of your activity (but please ensure you leave sufficient time for participants to complete the form).

When using the questionnaires, please ask respondents to;

a) Use black or blue pen. But NOT to use other coloured pens or pencil. The optical mark reading software will not be able to read the forms and we will not be able to process them

b) Colour in the blobs on the questionnaire. NOT to use ticks or crosses. This is for the same reason.

Please return all of your completed questionnaires along with a completed coversheet and one blank copy of the form to;

Ground Floor, New Spring House
231 Glossop Road

Once we have received them, we will normally aim to process your forms and provide you with an evaluation report within two weeks. This may take longer at peak times. The information you provide will be integrated into an overall evaluation report at the end of each cycle.

For more information about running focus groups or interviews, please see here.