Resources: Widening Participation Evaluation Toolkits

In these webpages you can find a number of resources to support the evaluation of your widening participation activities.

Evaluating Widening Participation Outreach Activities

The key resource is an easy-to-use standard evaluation questionnaire.

We recommend that these are used for all ‘one-off’ WP activities. These questionnaires are designed to be quick to complete, but to provide you with core information about the immediate impact of your activity. There is space on the questionnaire for you to add your own ranked or free text response questions. WPREU will process these questionnaires and provide you with an evaluation report.

Questionnaires are available for activities for students in Year 9 and above or in Years 7&8. We recommend that for pupils at an earlier stage of their education, a more bespoke evaluation is used. For more information, please contact Julian Crockford or Kimberley Simms.

We have also provided a standard questionnaire for any accompanying teachers, which asks for their perspective on the activity.

If you wanted to carry out qualitative evaluation of your activity, we have provide some general guidance on running focus groups or interviews based on our experiences, which can be found here. If you are thinking of taking this route, please contact Julian Crockford or Kimberley Simms if you would like more information about this.

We have also gathered a variety of other evaluation tools. These are available here. We would like to build this resource, so if there are tools or techniques you have used to successfully evaluate your WP activity, please contact the team at so that we can share your resources and experience.

Evaluating Student Success, Support and Progression Activities

There are a wide range of student support activities, making it difficult to develop a one size all evaluation approach. The WPREU team are carrying out a number of targeted evaluations of specific student support activities including the Faculty of Social Science Work experience bursary scheme and the 301 Peer Assisted Study support scheme links. (These outcomes will be uploaded shortly). If you would like to discuss the evaluation of your activity, please contact Julian or Kim. If you have undertaken any evaluations, we would be really grateful if you would contact us about the outcomes, so that we can add them to the development base.

If you would like to discuss the evaluation of your WP activity, please contact Julian Crockford, WPREU Manager ( ext. 22475).