Sheffield Archaeology’s Strategic Board

The Department of Archaeology Strategic Board provides an annual forum for strategic discussion between the Department and key external organisations in professional archaeology and allied fields.

Our strategic partners share our commitment to the study, conservation and promotion of the historic environment. Through such partnerships, we celebrate the long-established working relationships between the Department of Archaeology and key regional and local organisations from the public and private heritage sectors. We commit to work together for the benefit of the historic environment, our organisations, stakeholders, students and the public.

We welcome input from an external audience to enable us to align our future contribution more closely to the evolving needs of the cultural heritage professions and seek your perspectives and feedback on activities conducted in pursuit of our aims for excellence in archaeological education and world-leading research.

The Board includes a small group of professionals in key regional and national positions in archaeological and archaeologically-affiliated roles, alongside staff members in key externally-facing roles including our Head of Department (Caroline Jackson), Director of Research and External Engagement Officer (Lizzy Craig-Atkins).

Our strategic partners, the Peak District National Park and Wessex Archaeology are also represented.

The Strategic Board

We have hosted MA Landscape placements. I have always been incredibly impressed by the ability of the students from the Sheffield Landscape Archaeology MA course. Their great depth of knowledge, understanding and ability is testimony to the fantastic course and the teaching.

rachael hall, national trust

The University of Sheffield consistently produces informed and enthusiastic graduates, many of whom have gone on to form the core of Wessex Archaeology’s northern team. Those graduates with added skills such as landscape, environmental or geophysical knowledge are particularly valued and regularly fast tracked into our specialist departments. Our Sheffield heritage team are all University of Sheffield graduates.

ANDY Norton, Wessex Archaeology

The Department of Archaeology is innovating in the sphere of teaching and learning, and helping students develop enhanced skillsets to prepare them effectively for today's workplace. Workplace learning, community engagement and reflective practice add value to their learning experience, and are key to the evolution and sustainability of the wider heritage sector.

anna badcock, arcHeritagE

Sheffield Archaeology Strategic Board External Members:

Ken Smith, Peak District National Park

Andy Norton, Wessex Archaeology

Anna Badcock, ArcHeritage

Rachael Hall, National Trust

Dave Barrett, Derbyshire County Council

David McOmish, Historic England

Bob Bewley, Oxford University

Ceris Morris, Development, Alumni Relations and Events, University of Sheffield

Peak District National Park Logo

The Peak Distinct National Park Authority is an independent body funded by central government who work to conserve the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Park and promote these resources to further public understanding and appreciation of them. Peak Park occupies 555 square miles to the west of the city of Sheffield, incorporating historic landscapes and many archaeological sites.

Ken Smith, cultural heritage manager for the Peak District National Park said:

"We’re looking forward to working directly with the staff and students of the University of Sheffield’s Department of Archaeology through this strategic partnership. While we have a long track-record of working together, the new agreement ensures this will continue for the sustainable management of the Peak District’s cultural heritage.

“It’s really important that we increase people’s appreciation of the region’s history, archaeology and traditions and we need information to be able to do this. Our new partnership means that we will do further research and launch projects that will bring more opportunities for people to access and enjoy the National Park."

Wessex Archaeology Logo

Wessex Archaeology Ltd provide commercial archaeological and heritage services in the UK. Sheffield-based Wessex Archaeology North is a key employer of graduates from the University of Sheffield. Alongside delivering commercial archaeological services, Wessex Archaeology is a charitable trust and promotes sustainability and community engagement with heritage.

Andy Norton, Regional Director North of Wessex Archaeology, said:

“Wessex Archaeology are honoured to be part of the University of Sheffield’s archaeological strategic board. The wide range of backgrounds and skills on the board is enlightening, and our close partnership with the University brings Wessex Archaeology access to technology, information, research and skills at the forefront of archaeology. Going forward we will share Wessex Archaeology’s wealth of knowledge and skills with the University, and help ensure that future graduates have the skills to succeed and progress in whichever archaeological profession they chose.”