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Green Impact imagethe Green Impact Scheme is an environmental awards programme run by the National Union of Students.

It currently operates in more than 60 universities across the UK and within the University of Sheffield there are 35 participating departments

The Green Impact Scheme is about more than turning off a few lights – it is about transforming our department to make it ethnical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We think it is a worthwhile enterprise – and we hope that you do too

The Department of Archaeology has formed a Green Impact Group to champion the initiative and instigate changes within the department. The group is formed of staff and students from across the department. Anyone can join & everyone is welcome!

Meet the team

The Green Impact team is made up of, academics, students, and support staff.

We have achieved the Silver award for green impact for 2015. Which we engaged in exciting tasks such as biodiversity.

The hard work in the last year has been rewarding. In which we got the Bronze award at the award ceremony in April 2014!

We look forward to the challenges ahead for green impact.

Recycling imageRecycling

In the department we have distributed the new bins for waste and recycling. The ways in which recycling is collected has changed. Not only can you put the usual paper in the green recycling bins. But also a mixture of, card, glass, plastics, tins, cans and foil. Food containers must be rinsed.

The departments staff printer is automatically set to print the doubled sided option to encourage staff to use less paper when printing out. The single sided option can be chosen if double sided is not an option.


Cycle hire-pay scheme

For students and staff there is a cycle forum where you can access free cycle training if you are not a confident cyclist as well as information on campus showers, safe cycling etc.

There is also a bike hub that provides secure cycle storage, free bike health checks for students and staff and a mobile cycle hut, usually located outside the arts tower, which again offers free bike health checks & discounted repairs

There are also schemes for recycling old bikes for discounted sale to students and a pool bike for staff as well as general info on cycling and cycling routes

For no non-cyclists there is a lift-share scheme

If you wish to join or help the Green Impact Scheme, please email Laura ( or Rocky (

Bird Feeders

A sparrow using the bird feeder!

Sparrow feeding 1

Sparrow feeding 2

Sparrow feeding 3

Sparrow feeding 4