Funding Success for Archaeology PGR Students!

Congratulations to the many Archaeology students who have succeeded in securing funding for their PhD research.

Four of our students have secured funding from the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH).  The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) is a Doctoral Training Partnership between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. It provides AHRC-funded studentships for over 50 students each year to undertake doctoral study at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield or York.

Two more of our Archaeology students have been awarded funding through the University of Sheffield, through the Doctoral Academy and University Prize funding schemes

Doctoral Academy and/or Faculty Scholarship awards are awarded on a competitive basis and support the very best postgraduate research students. 

The University Prize Scholarships are awarded to the very best PhD applicants, and is open to all applicants in all subjects.

White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities

Isabel Cook (UK)

Late Holocene (4000 BP-present) sea-level change and the sustainability of coastal historic landscapes

Supervisor: Dr Bob Johnston

Emma Hook (UK)

An archaeological and osteological investigation of the medieval hospital cemetery in England and Wales

Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Craig-Atkins

Vicky Knowles (UK)

Archaeobotanical evidence for the marketisation of agriculture in Britain and North-West Europe from the Roman to late Medieval Periods

Supervisors: Professor G. Jones, Professor D.M. Hadley, Professor P. Halstead

Angela Maccarinelli (EU) (including Doctoral Academy maintenance award)

The social and economic role of freshwater fish in medieval England: a zooarchaeological approach

Supervisors: Dr Umberto Albarella; Dr Hugh Willmott and David Orton (University of York)

Doctoral Academy

Rebecca Hearne (UK)

Archaeology as Therapeutic Practice

Supervisors: Dr Bob Johnston and Professor Brendan Stone (English)

Sarah Poniros (Overseas)

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Migration: Experiencing Diversity in the Roman Empire

Supervisors: Professor Maureen Carroll, Dr. Elizabeth Craig-Atkins

University Prize

Laure Van Grootel (EU)

Interaction and identity in the Late Neolithic Cyclades. The production, exchange and consumption of ceramic vessels at Saliagos (5300-4500 BC)

Supervisor: Professor Peter Day

We are pleased with the success of our PGR students in the WRoCAH and University funding competitions and we look forward to announcing the successful candidates for the three externally funded PhD projects due to start in the autumn of 2016 soon.