Sheffield Archaeology Undergraduate Student Successes! 2015-16 recap

Sheffield Archaeology student short-listed for Prehistoric Society prize

Sheffield Archaeology student Matt Lester has been short-listed for the prestigious Prehistoric Society prize for best undergraduate dissertation.

SURE Projects - Awards

Two Archaeology undergraduates have won awards for their participation in the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience scheme.

3rd Year Archaeology Student Presents Research at Conference

Nick Groat, a 3rd Year Archaeology student studying towards a BSc with employment experience, will present his final year dissertation at two conferences.

Sheffield Archaeology presents Community Archaeology Projects Exhibition

Archaeology undergraduates and community groups work together to present their research about Sheffield's past.

2016 Undergraduate Fieldwork Bursaries

Every year the department provides a number of fieldwork and placement bursaries for our undergraduate students.

Sheffield Archaeology graduate completes the University of Sheffield Graduate Internship Programme

Greer Dewdney spent 6 months working as an intern on the Rothwell Charnel Chapel Project.

Congratulations to our Archaeology Student Photo Competition 2016 winners!

Sheffield Archaeology students submitted photos in five categories for our annual photo competition. Here are the winners selected by our jury, including professional photographers.

And congratulations to:

  • Our Undergraduate Academic Prize recipients and the whole graduating class of 2016!
  • SURE 2016 project recipients:  James Williams, from Computer Science, is working with Lizzy Craig-Atkins on the Rothwell Charnel Chapel project; James is working on the 3D model of the ossuary to make it compatible with the Rothwell website.
  • Beth Watson (BA Classical and Historical Archaeology) and Holly Rosevear (BA Archaeology and History) are both working on SURE projects connected with the Sinop Kale Excavations in northern Turkey. Beth is working with Jane Rempel to investigate the Hellenistic fortification walls at the site and to record them using structured formation photogrammetry. Holly is working with Sue Sherratt to study the hand-made pottery from the 2015 and 2016 excavations.