University of Sheffield archaeologists investigate Redmires WWI training camp on the centenary of the ‘Great Push’

For some years, the Department of Lifelong Learning has been carrying out field and archival research into the First World War military landscape at Redmires, in the Peak District, which was used for training by the Sheffield Pals.

The University of Sheffield has a long and distinguished history of expertise in landscape investigation and analytical field survey.

In 2015, a team drawn from both the DLL and the Department of Archaeology worked together to improve understanding of one of the most puzzling parts of the training landscape, by applying a range of different non-invasive survey techniques, with excellent results.

Staff and students from DLL and Archaeology are out at Redmires again this week to continue the project of surveying the training landscape. 

Fittingly, the team will be surveying at Redmires on July 1st - the centenary of the 'Great Push' when many of the men who trained on the site were killed or wounded in the Battle of the Somme. To mark this day, the tutors and students will be hosting a commemorative Pals Picnic for all those who have helped identify, record and value this important Sheffield landscape.

Surveying at Redmires

Soldiers at Redmires

Soldiers at Redmires