Sinop Kale Excavations 2016

In the summer of 2016, Jane Rempel and Sue Sherratt continued their collaboration in the Sinop Kale Excavations, an exciting new archaeological project in the heart of the ancient city of Sinope on the north coast of Turkey.

This project, directed by Professor Owen Doonan (California State University Northridge), builds on more than a decade of survey and environmental research conducted by the Sinop Regional Archaeological Project and its aim is to investigate the nature of pre-Greek settlement as well as the early Greek settlement and its later development.

The Sheffield contingent included Archaeology undergraduates Nick Groat, Holly Rosevear and Beth Watson and was supported by continuing funding from the British Institute at Ankara’s Settlement of Anatolia Strategic Research Initiative.
Beth and Holly also received Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience awards to work on specific research projects. Beth worked with Jane to record and create 3D models of the surviving Hellenistic fortification wall in the project area. Holly and Sue began the study of the handmade pottery from the Iron Age House 1, which was first excavated in 2015.

See the Antiquity Project Gallery feature on the Sinop Kale results for 2015

While in Sinop, the Sheffield group worked with an international team including associate director Alexander Bauer (Queens University New York) and field director Andrew Goldman (Gonzaga University) as well as colleagues and students from both American and local universities.

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Sinop Kale Excavations and the Hellenistic fortification wall

Rainy days in Sinop have their advantages

Sheffield Archaeology students Holly, Nick and Beth

Holly and Nick working in Op 2 next to the Hellenistic fortification wall Sue, Jane, Beth and Holly