St Davids Cathedral Exhibition

The St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project is a collaboration between the Department of Archaeology's Dr Katie Hemar and the Dyfed Archaeology Trust.

The project focuses on the excavation and post-excavation analyses of an Early Medieval cemetery situated in sands dunes at Whitesands Bay (Pembrokeshire), now threatened by coastal erosion.

This week the collaborative project has become the focus of an exhibition installed in St Davids Cathedral.

The Cathedral lies on the site of the 6th-century monastery founded by the patron saint of Wales, Dewi/David.

As one of Pembrokeshire's top tourist destinations, the installation of the exhibition at the Cathedral provides a fantastic opportunity to inform the public about this important research project.

The exhibition will be hosted by the Cathedral throughout August and September.

St Davids Cathedral

Skeletal remains

St Davids Cathderal Exhibition