Dr Arianna Zapelloni Pavia

Department of Archaeology

Teaching Associate in Roman Archaeology

Dr Arianna Zapelloni Pavia

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Dr Arianna Zapelloni Pavia
Department of Archaeology
Minalloy House
Regent Street
S10 2TN

I am a Classical Archaeologist trained in Italy (BA and MA), at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza', and in the US (Ph.D.) at the University of Michigan. My interests focus on Roman archaeology, specifically on the cultural change visible in the material culture of the Italian peninsula during and after Roman expansion. 

Central Italy is the main focus of my research and teaching and I currently work as excavation supervisor at Gabii, in Latium. 

My other areas of research interest include ritual and religion, identity, and elite families and factions' negotiations.

Research interests

My research interests include-

  • Roman Expansion in the Republican period 
  • Sacred landscape, votive deposits and the impact of Roman conquest
  • Ethnic identity in the Italian peninsula 
  • Elite networks in the Mediterranean

Current Research Projects

Gabii Project

Since 2013 I have worked as excavation supervisor on the Gabii Project. This international project, directed by Prof. Nicola Terrenato of the University of Michigan, explores the development of the Latin city of Gabii, a neighbouring and rival city-state to Rome in the 1st Millennium BC. 

The Regia Digital Analytical Publication Project

The project, directed by N. Terrenato (University of Michigan) and Paolo Brocato (Universita' della Calabria), envisions a full reconsideration of all the archival information available for the Roman Regia, including that of the early excavations as well as the Brown archive held at the American Academy in Rome

Teaching activities


  • Rome: Capital, Hinterland and Periphery


  • Roman Italy and its Hinterland
  • Zapelloni Pavia, A. 2020. “Decentralizing human agency: a study of the ritual function of the votive figurines from Grotta Bella, Umbria,” in Roman archaeology, TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology vol 3. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
  • Zapelloni Pavia, A. forthcoming 2020. “The stratigraphy of Gabii Area A”,  in L. Banducci and A. Gallone (eds.), From Village to Village: Habitation and Decline at Gabii (700 BCE-200 CE) (Volume 2 in Gabii Publication Series). Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press.
  • Zapelloni Pavia, A., M. Evans, and J. Farr (under review for JFA). “Life at Gabii during the Early and Late Imperial period.”
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