Dr Roger DoonanRoger Doonan

Senior Lecturer

Level 1 Tutor

Programme Director MA Cultural Materials


Email address: r.doonan@shef.ac.uk

Telephone: 0114 2222939

Department Address:

Department of Archaeology
University of Sheffield
Minalloy House. Room C05
10 – 16 Regent Street
S1 3NJ
United Kingdom



1998-2005 Lecturer in Iron Age and Archaeological Materials, Bournemouth University
1997-1998 Archaeologist Ancient Monuments Laboratory English Heritage
1994-1997 British Academy Fellow, Fitch Laboratory British School at Athens

Professional Roles

  • Council member for HMS
  • HMS Newsletter Editor
  • Member of Subject Benchmarking committee
  • Consultant specialist for Time Team
  • Commentator for local radio on heritage matters in Sheffield and surrounding area

Research interests

  • Material Culture Studies
  • Archaeological theory
  • Community archaeology
  • Experimental Archaeology

Current research projects / collaborations

  • Cultural transmission and social complexity of Steppe communities during the Bronze Age (with Bryan Hanks University of Pitt)
  • NARNIA FP7 The use of pXRF in Archaeology
  • Early Bronze Age metal Production at Ecton Hill, Staffordshire.
  • Mineral Resource Perception in the Aegean Early Bronze

Research supervision

I am happy to discuss future supervision in the following areas:

  • Archaeometallurgy
  • Social theory and technology
  • Craft production in the Mediterranean
  • Experimental archaeology
  • Aspects of Eurasian Archaeology

Recent students

  • Kate Harrell Mycenaean Ways of War: The Past, Politics and Personhood
  • Nerantizis Nerantzis Byzantine and Ottoman mineral exploration and smelting in Eastern Macedonia, Greece
  • Derek Pitman Social Complexity in the Southern Urals during the Middle Bronze Age

Current students

  • Jessica Slater Locating craft Practice in the British Iron Age

Selected publications

  • Day P.M. and Doonan R.C.P (eds) 2007 Metallurgy in the Aegean Early Bronze Age. (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology) Oxbow.
  • Andrews K and Doonan R.C.P 2003 Test Tubes and Trowels: Using science in archaeology. Tempus
  • Doonan R, Cadogan G, Sewell, D 2011 Standing on Ceremony: Late Bronze Age copper metallurgy in Cyprus. in (Ed) V Kassianidou. and G. Papasavvas “Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy and Metalwork in the Second Millennium BC”. Oxbow Books
  • Hanks B., Doonan, R., Kupriyanova E, and Zdanovich, D 2011 The Body Violent: Metals and social practice in the Eurasian Steppe in the second Millennium BCE, in Robb ,J Boric, D. and O. Harris (eds) Body Histories,. Cambridge. McDonald Institute Monographs. University of Cambridge.
  • Derham, B., Doonan, R., Lolos, Y., Sarris, A and Jones, R. 2010 Integrating geochemical survey, ethnography and organic residue analysis to identify and understand areas of foodstuff processing. In Voutsaki, S. (Ed.), Subsistence, economy and society in the Greek world; Improving the integration of archaeology and science, Athens.
  • Hanks, B., Doonan, R, Zdanovich D., Kupriyanova. E., Pitman, D., Batanina, N., Johnson, J. (2010) Metals, Society and Economy in the Late Prehistoric Eurasian Steppe B. Roberts & C. Thornton (Eds) Early metallurgy: a global reader. New York: Springer.
  • Doonan, R. & Boyd M. 2008. Digital modelling of object and process in artefact teaching. In: Touch in museums. Policy and practice in object handling, ed. H. J. Chatterjee (Oxford: Berg), 107–120.
  • Doonan, R.C.P. Pitman, D. Hanks, B. Zdanovich D. and Kupriyanova E. In press The Organisation of Sintashta Metallurgy. in (eds) Gorelik A and Linden, M. Aus dem Herzen Eurasiens – Schätze des alten Kasachstans. Bochum
  • Doonan R.C.P and Mazarakis Ainian A 2007 Forging identities in the Greek Iron Age: Implications of the metalworking debris from Oropos. (ed) Mazarakis Ainian A .Acta Oropos. Volos. 361-378
  • Hanks, B., & Doonan, R. (2009). ‘From Scale to Practice: A New Agenda for the Study of Early Metallurgy on the Eurasian Steppe’. Journal of World Prehistory 22: 329-356. (J)


  • Archaeology in the Laboratory
  • Thinking through Archaeology (module leader)
  • Archaeological Materials
  • Experimental Archaeology (module leader)
  • Swords and Sorcery: Northern Europe 1000 BC-AD 500


  • Method and Theory in Historical Archaeology
  • Experimental Archaeology (module leader)
  • Research Methods in Archaeology
  • Introduction to Material Culture Studies
  • Reconstructing Ancient Technologies: Metals (module leader)
Administrative Duties

Administrative Duties

Level 1 Tutor 

Postgraduate Teaching Course Director Cultural Materials 

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