Dr Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Research Technician in Archaeological Geomatics

BA, MA, PhD (University of Southampton)

Telephone: 0114 2222911

Email: P.S.Johnson@sheffield.ac.uk

Department address

Department of Archaeology
University of Sheffield
Minalloy House. Room D13
10 – 16 Regent Street
S1 3NJ
United Kingdom



I studied Archaeology with a focus on the Western Roman Empire through my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with a year spent working at the British School at Rome on the Tiber Valley project between my Master’s and PhD. Since 2001 I have supervised and directed geophysical and topographical surveys at a variety of sites in Italy, the UK, and elsewhere in western Europe. I have since worked in UK commercial archaeology as a Project Manager at Trent & Peak Archaeology (part of the York Archaeological Trust) and held post-doctoral positions in Italy and Portugal, working closely with international teams on collaborative projects utilising survey and digital technologies to understand and represent archaeological data.

Professional Roles

I am currently a member of the Management Committee of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP), a member of the Roman Society, Archaeological Institute of America, and the Marie-Curie Alumni Association.  Since 2013 I have acted as a peer-reviewer for the Journal of Roman Archaeology and the Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.  Since 2015 I have been a co-editor of the ISAP newsletter.


Research Interests

My main research interests are in the application of geomatics to the study of settlement dynamics and social power-structures in western Europe from later prehistory to the early Mediaeval period. I have worked extensively in Italy, Portugal, the UK and Spain.

  • Digital technologies in Archaeology
  • Archaeological geomatics
  • Landscape archaeology and field survey
  • Urbanism
  • Settlement dynamics
  • Social structures and the exercise of power
  • Roman archaeology
  • Iberian archaeology

Current research projects

Canterbury Hinterland Project

In collaboration with Dr Lacey Wallace (University of Lincoln), and Dr Lieven Verdonck (University of Ghent); a multi-period landscape analysis of relationships between the town of Canterbury and significant, but little-understood, settlement sites within its hinterland utilising geophysical survey and limited excavation.

Digital Cultural Heritage and “The Digital Sandbox”

In collaboration with 7Reasons Medien (Vienna, Austria); my colleagues and I are developing the implementation of a fully dynamic and interactive digital 3D modelling and visualisation environment through which to explore, and develop interpretations of, archaeological data. In addition, in support of these research goals, I participate as a full partner in the EU fp7 “People” project “Initial Training Network for Digital Cultural Heritage: Projecting our Past to the Future”, and am a member of the ViMM (Virtual Multimodal Museum) Project network.


Monographs and edited volumes

Johnson, P.S. 2012. Economic Evidence and the Changing Nature of Urban Spaces in Late Antique Rome. Collecció Instrumenta 42. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona.

Johnson, P.S. & Millett, M. (eds), 2013. Archaeological Survey and the City. University of Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology Monograph Series No. 3. Oxford: Oxbow.

Individually authored articles

Johnson, P.S. In Press. Planning and modification of ancient townscapes: creating the image of an ideal? In Cornell, P. & Nilsen, A. (eds), Urban Variation. Utopia, planning and practice. Gothenburg: University.

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Jointly authored articles

Wallace, L.M., Mullen, A., Johnson, P.S., and Verdonck, L. 2016. Archaeological investigations of Bourne Park, Bishopsbourne, Kent 2011–2014. Archaeologia Cantiana 137: pp 251–280.

Wallace, L.M., Johnson, P.S., Strutt, K.D. and Mullen, A. 2014. Archaeological investigations of a major building, probably Roman, and related landscape features at Bourne Park, Bishopsbourne 2011–12. Archaeologia Cantiana 134: pp 187–203.

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