Courtenay-Elle Crichton-Turley



PhD Title

Smoke and Mirrors: Using clay pipes and figurines to critique structure-from-motion 3D photographic modelling

PhD Abstract

This Phd uses the application of structure-from-motion 3D modeling to answer specific research questions concerning mould production, product association and distribution of clay pipe and figurines from early post-medieval London (c.1500-1700AD). This enables the creation of a detailed classification of a range of mould types and groupings, and further our understanding of product circulation. It will also provide the ideal case study to assess the practicalities and viability in using structure-through-motion techniques in archaeological artefact studies.

The PhD answers specific archaeological questions concerning the production and imagery of clay pipes and figurines in London, by first assessing the different degrees of mould variability seen within London and by identifying the specific outputs of individual workshops in London.

Alongside this study, the PhD is undertaking a controlled exploration of the technique of structure from motion photography and assess its wider applicability to archaeological data sets. This takes the form of an investigation in to the accessibility of this methodology, using a variety of image capturing devices and simulating different environments in which the objects will be photographed. Based upon the data generated this thesis seeks to develop an understanding of the benefits this modeling technique can provide in presenting archaeological objects to the professional and public sectors in more accessible and informative ways.



MA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology (University of St Andrews 2012)

MA European Prehistory (University of Sheffield 2014)



Interdisciplinary PhD Network ‘Transforming Research Methods in the Humanities’ University of Sheffield Studentship (2014)