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Stavroula Fouriki

Supervisor: Dr. Susan Sherratt, Professor Bennet

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Materiality and social practice in Late Bronze Age Chania, Crete: Detecting socio-political change in ceramics of the Late Minoan IΒ-IIIB period.

PhD Abstract

Striking changes, recalling exotic prototypes, in material culture and language on Late Bronze Age Crete c1450-1200 BC are usually attributed to population movement, but may instead reflect strategic adoption of ‘foreign’ objects and ideas to negotiate local socio-political change. To test these alternatives, I will analyse style, technology and raw material in local, hybrid and imported ceramics from domestic, public, ritual and secular archaeological contexts at Chania, Crete. Continuity in technology, selective adoption of exotic forms in particular ceramic types, and use of these types in different contexts would favour local adoption.



M.A: Aegean Archaeology, University of Sheffield, Distinction.

M.A: Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Athens, Distinction.

B.A: History and Archaeology, University of Athens.

Awards and scholarships

Awards and scholarships

2017: University Prize Scholarship for PhD.

2016: The Patricia Phillips Prize for best overall performance at postgraduate level in the Department of Archaeology (14/11/2016), Univ. of Sheffield.

2016: The Petrie Watson Exhibition (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield).

2015-2016: The Greek Archaeological Committee UK. £2.500 for M.A Aegean Archaeology, Univ. of Sheffield.