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email: tfraser3@sheffield.ac.uk

I am a zooarchaeologist currently undertaking a doctoral research project concerning the changes in livestock and landscape between the late medieval and early post medieval periods. The project is collaborative with Historic England, and will investigate the effects of changing husbandry and landscape enclosure on domestic livestock in Britain from the 13th century AD to modern times. It will particularly aim to identify the dynamics behind this change, and conclusively identify the association between landscape enclosure and livestock characteristics. This will involve the analysis of suitable animal bone assemblages from these periods across Britain, complimented by contemporaneous historical and landscape data, to provide a more complete interpretation of the causes of late medieval livestock improvement.

Although undertaking my PhD at Sheffield University, I completed my undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Forensic Science at the University of Exeter. During this time I fostered a growing passion for zooarchaeology, completing my dissertation on a Roman faunal assemblage from Yewden villa, Bucks, and continuing to study a master’s degree in Bioarchaeology (with a Zooarchaeology pathway) at the same institution. My masters thesis concerned the late medieval assemblage from Barnstaple, in Devon, in which I gathered an understanding of the change in livestock across Britain during that period, which forms the basis for my doctoral research.