Postgraduate Study - Frequently Asked Questions:

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for our applicants. If you have any questions not answered here please do not hesitate to contact us on


What do I include with my on-line application?
  • Copy of your transcript (or partial transcript)
  • Copy of your degree certificate (if awarded)
  • If you are a non-native English speaker a copy of your English language qualification
  • Supporting statement (approx 500-1000 words)
  • Two references, ideally academic, related to your first degrees. If it is apx 5 years or more since graduation one reference can be academic related and one from your employer.
Should I provide original copies of the documentation required for admission?

When you arrive at the University in September to register, you should provide an original version of your transcript, certificate and (if applicable) English Language qualification.

What are the entry requirements?
  • 2.1 (UK), 3.0 GPA (or equivalent) in a suitable undergraduate degree.
  • If you are a non-native English speaker who has not previously completed a degree at an English speaking University you will need to complete an appropriate qualification.  Click here for further details.
What opportunities are there to visit the Department?
  • There are two dedicated postgraduate open day events per year (usually held in December and February).
  • On a monthly basis visit afternoons are offered please click here for further details.
  • If none of the above options are suitable, you can contact the department directly to arrange a visit
  • We can offer chats by SKYPE please contact
Do I need to provide a sample of written work?

This is not compulsory but if you have a piece of work particularly relevant to your interests or work of which you are particularly proud you can upload this to your on-line application. We recommend a word limit of 800-1000 words and it can be a modified version of the original. Only one piece of work should be submitted.

If you are a non-native English speaking applicant, a piece of work submitted in English may be useful.

Do I need to attend an interview?

We do not normally interview applicants. With advance notice you are welcome to visit and meet the programme director by contacting

I have yet to complete my first degree; can I apply for a place?

Yes, certainly. When your degree is complete, you will need to upload a copy of your transcript to your on-line application. If you have met the conditions your offer will be made unconditional.

Will you consider my application if I do not have a degree in archaeology?

Yes, definitely. There are many subject areas and relevant experience we will consider. We would normally ask for a science related degree for our MSc and humanities/arts based degree for our MA’s. If you are not certain which programme would be of interest we advise you contact the programme director or Head of PGT programmes ( ).

Is funding available?

Funding opportunities are normally announced in November-December each year. Funding available for Masters Programmes is limited. For further information please see ( ).

Where can I find information about developing my English Language skills before starting my Masters course?

The English Language Teaching Centre provides a variety of pre-sessional courses each year, including an International Summer School.  For further information please visit their website

I am an international student. Where do I obtain information on visa requirements?

The University provides specially trained staff to deal with immigration and visa queries. (

Do you have application deadlines?

There are strict deadlines attached to funding. If you do intend to apply for funding, we suggest you apply for a place on our programme by 31st January at the latest. Otherwise we suggest a deadline of 30th June. However, we are flexible and wherever possible happy to consider applications for a place on our programme after this deadline.

How many students will be on the programme?

This varies from programme to programme, year to year, usually 5-15 students per programme. We do try to maintain a sensible ratio of staff to students. The department is known for its friendly, supportive environment and accessibility to academic staff.

I am a mature student, will I be considered?

Yes. Our mature students have been an absolute credit to the department, their motivation and interest, life experience, level of intellectual debate adds to the vibrancy of the department. We aim for a mix experience and age amongst our student populace for the benefit of all.

Will a Master’s enhance my career prospects?

If you are intending to go on to a PhD, a Masters from our Department will provide a good grounding for research and potentially enhance your funding potential. Our Masters students go on to work in a wide variety of areas


When will I be informed if I have been successful?

We try to ensure a decision is reached within 4-5 weeks of applying for a programme. However, we need both of your references before your application can be considered. We urge you to ensure your referees are available to provide prompt references.

How are decisions reached?

When two references have been uploaded to your application, it is sent to the relevant programme director for consideration. They will note your academic aptitude in your first degree, the level of commitment and motivation in your supporting statement, your experience and supporting comments from your references.

If I accept my place when will I receive information on accommodation?

Accommodation pack will usually be sent to you from March onwards. All the information is available for download at (

When will I receive information on registration?

Once you have accepted and hold an UNCONDITIONAL offer the information is usually sent out in June onwards. All the information will be available for download at ( from July onwards.

I have not received any registration information?

Is your contact address correct? Please check your on-line application. Are you holding a conditional offer? If so, please upload your completed transcript to your on-line application.