Romano-British Cavemen by Keith Branigan and M J Dearne

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Romano-British Cavemen

This book is a study of cave use in Roman Britain. It begins with a consideration of the cave environment and its suitability for human occupation; it examines documented use of caves in historical and recent times; it discusses temporal and functional models of cave use against which the evidence for the Roman period can be tested. A summary gazetteer provides details of the certain RB occupation of 97 caves, and of 26 other possibles. Important and unpublished find material from a number of sites is included. The models are tested against the RB data providing evidence for discussion of the chronological and regional variation in cave use in Roman times, and of the relationship between caves and open sites in both historical and socio-economic terms.

120p with text figs. (Oxbow Monograph 19, 1992)

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