In Search of the Red Slave by Mike Parker-Pearson & Karen Godden

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In Search of the Red Slave

Pirates, shipwreck and slavery - these are the key themes in this story of a young Englishman who spent 14 years of his life in captivity in Madagascar. This tale has been more or less lost to sight for centuries, for, although the shipwrecked sailor in question, Robert Drury, wrote a book about his adventures in 1729, it has long been out of print. Parker Pearson and Godden have explored the world of Southern Madagascar in order to track down the truth of his story. At one level, this book is a real-life adventure story with a strong maritime theme; at another, it is a wholly new insight into life on Madagascar and the Tandroy people; and, on yet another level, it is a story of the reality of modern archaeology and anthropology - hard, dirty and frustrating.

Hardcover - 256 pages (29 September, 2002) Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750929383

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