Urbanism in the Bronze Age edited by Keith Branigan

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Urbanism in the Bronze Age

State-formation and the emergence of civilisation have been two of the major arenas of debate in Aegean prehistorv for the last twenty five years. The process of urbanisation has therefore been at the forefront of scholarly debate. Bronze Age towns, however have largely been ignored, particularly at a generalised level. Research has usually focused on their architecture, and particularly their elite or public architecture, rather than their general nature and character, and many studies have been restricted to a single town or even a single building.
This volume redresses the balance and draws attention and thought not only to urban settlements as a whole but to their social and economic roles, their demographic significance and ultimately to their character and personality

Keith Branigan is Professor of Prehistory & Archaeology at the University of Sheffield and Director of the Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology.

Paperback - 192 pages (3 May, 2001) Sheffield Academic Press; ISBN 1 84127 341 4

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