Zooarchaeology in Greece: Recent Advances edited by E. Kotjabopoulou, Y. Hamilakis, P. Halstead, C. Gamble, V. Elefanti

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Zooarchaeology in Greece

Animals have always been integral to life and culture in Greece. Recently the study of animal bones has played an important role in investigations of Greek archaeology. In this volume the current position is reviewed with papers ranging from the Palaeolithic to the Medieval periods and employing a wide range of techniques and approaches. The papers cover not only the themes of subsistence and methodology but also symbolism, ritual and the artistic representation of animals. The interdisciplinary and international character of zooarchaeology is confirmed and many new avenues for research are suggested.

Hardcover 310 pages (June 2003) Publisher: British School at Athens ISBN: 0904887413

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