The Iron Age in the Auvergne: Part I

John Collis and Vincent Guichard

The Arveni and the Auvergne

According to Greek and Latin authors, the Arveni after whom the Auvergne is named, were the most powerful The oppidum of GondoleGallic tribe in the 3rd-2nd centuries BC. Their king, Luernios was "the richest man in all Gaul", but with the defeat of his son Bituïtos in 123 BC when the Romans invaded the Provence, the tribe was eclipsed by its neighbours the Aedui, and by the Sequani of eastern Gaul.

However, the Arveni once again took the lead in resisting Rome in 53-53 BC when their leader Vercingetorix successfully defended the oppidum of Gergovia against Julius Caesar, and even united the majority of the Gallic tribes under his leadership, though he was finally besieged and defeated by Caesar at Alesia in Burgundy.

The oppidum and early Roman town of GergovieOur archaeological survey aims to put flesh on the bare bones of this historical information, especially for the last few centuries BC, which were a major formative period for western European civilisation.

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