The 2006 Season

Excavations come in all sizes: a burial revealed by a test pit at Brodsworth

During the 2006 season the work focussed on 3 main areas:

  1. 1. The late prehistoric enclosures, on Marr Moor, known from aerial photographs. Here we excavated 2 large trenches revealing the ditches and postholes of two enclosures probably dating from the late Iron Age. We also excavated a pit containing late Neolithic flint.
  2. 2. The area of the Medieval village of Brodsworth near the surviving church. Here test pits revealed further information about the extent of the earlier churchyard and gave us some glimpses of structures beneath features from the Old Hall’s designed landscapes. We hope that these features are part of the remains of the Medieval village and they will be a major focus of the 2007 season.
  3. 3. An area to the south of Pickburn where fieldwalking has picked up evidence of Roman activity. We continued the geophysical survey in this area and excavated one test trench to examine possible Roman structures. A great deal of further work is needed in this area and we will be continuing here in 2007.

In addition to work on these areas participants were involved in a range of fieldwalking and geophysical surveys to sample other areas and sites. They were also involved in processing the artefacts from the excavation work and from fieldwalking and environmental samples from the prehistoric enclosures.

Away from site groups went on visits to Brodsworth Hall, Doncaster Museum, Roche Abbey and other local sites as well as enjoying barbecues and other activities in the evenings. Over 80 people of all ages (from 8 to 80) worked on the Project.

Working on an open area excavation