2009 Fieldschool Activities

Checking the results of an earthwork survey (photo: S. Cole)

The fieldschool is designed to provide participants with an introduction to and experience of modern archaeological field skills. It is primarily based on `hands on´ field teaching and experience but some paths will also involve taught 'class room' elements as an introduction to the practical elements. Areas covered will include:

  • Approaches to fieldwork: methodology and strategy
  • Topographic and geophysical survey
  • Fieldwalking
  • Excavation and recording
  • Post-excavation and finds processing and analysis

There are two paths within the fieldschool: the formal Fieldschool Module (which is a fully accredited course) and the Flexible Path. This Fieldschool Module provides students with an accredited course on field work skills (equivalent to 20 UK Credits, 10 ECTS credits and 6 US Credits). The Flexible Path, which does not carry any credits, but which does allow students to come for variable periods of time and to involve themselves in various aspects of the Project in a programme unique to your needs.

Further information on each option can be found in these links:

The Fieldschool Module (accredited)

The Flexible Fieldschool path (non accredited)

Cleaning a late prehistoric pit at Marr