2009 Information for Sheffield students attending the Departmental fieldcourse

Teamwork: measuring late prehistoric features at Marr

The Project will run from Monday 27th July until Friday 4th September. Participants are organised into 3 groups:
Group 1 runs from 27th July until 7th August
Group 2 runs from 10th to 21st August
Group 3 runs from 24th August to 4th September

Group 1 should meet at Northgate House at 8 a.m. on Monday 27th July. Groups 2 and 3 should arrive at the project base and campsite at Hickleton on the Sunday afternoon/evening before your start date. You will be camping at in the grounds of Hickleton Hall. You have one day off during the fortnight (normally the Saturday in the middle).

This Project is a large-scale landscape project and consequently not only involves excavation but also a series of other methods including geophysical and topographic survey, fieldwalking and environmental sampling. We are working over 8 parishes and so some of the work areas may be several kilometres from the base and the teams travel out to site from the base each day.

You will get the opportunity to undertake a variety of tasks and activities including excavation and recording, post excavation processing, geophysical and other forms of survey. This will be done on a rota basis, you will not be able to (or made to) stay on one activity for all your time on the fieldcourse. The Project base is also at Hickleton Hall and each day we will travel out to the various sites and activities being undertaken. All participants will also have one day when you are based at the campsite and undertaking kitchen/cleaning duties.

You need to complete a minimum of 11 days in order to have completed your fieldcourse requirement. If you do not complete 11 days then you will not be able to graduate (you will not have completed your degree and so will not graduate until you have completed all components of your degree course). If you have problems such as resits then we will make sure you can get to Sheffield for whatever time you need to complete your resits, or if you have other problems then we will attempt to be as flexible as possible. However please remember that you need to make up the days to a total of at least 11 days on site by doing further days during the period of the Project.

Please also note that during the second semester of your second year you will need to complete some exercises relating to your time on the fieldcourse (in AAP201). Please make sure you have found the information about this that you need on MOLE before coming to Brodsworth so that you can make sure you get the necessary information when you are on the fieldcourse.