Research Centres

Research Centres are designed to reflect the long-term convergence of research programmes upon particular areas and to promote the synergy of approaches that is central to Sheffield Archaeology´s research practice. They are responsive, and we anticipate their evolution as research interests and priorities develop.

Sheffield Centre for Aegean ArchaeologySCAA small

Aegean archaeology has had a prominent role at Sheffield for almost thirty years. This concentration led to the establishment in 1995 of the Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology with the support of the University. Since then, the Centre has gone from strength to strength, and its identity was enhanced by the establishment of a Chair in Aegean Archaeology in January 2004.

Sheffield Centre for Archaeobotany and Ancient Land-UseSCALE

The Sheffield Centre for Archaeobotany and ancient Land-usE (SCALE) is an internationally renowned Centre for research into ancient plant economies and land use. Research within the centre integrates Archaeology with ecology, botany, agronomy, earth sciences, genetics and ethnobotany. Pioneering innovative research with a strong ecological and ethnoarchaeological focus, SCALE members specialise in West Asian, Mediterranean and British archaeobotany and land use.

Sheffield Centre for Historical ArchaeologySCHA

The Sheffield Centre for Historical Archaeology is characterised by both breadth of chronological coverage and by unity of focus. This centre takes as its basic premise (and acquires its distinctiveness from) the argument that `historical archaeology´ is the archaeology of literate societies – in our case ranging from Minoan Crete to early modern world.

Sheffield Centre for International Drylands ResearchSCIDR

The Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research (SCIDR) was established in 1995 and conducts research into past, present and future dryland environments and peoples.

Through SCIDR an extensive network of collaborative research programmes has been conducted in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australia. For details of the different aspects of SCIDR and research opportunities explore this site.

Sheffield Centre for the Archaeology of Childhood

The Centre for the Archaeology of Childhood at the University of Sheffield draws together researchers with interests in exploring the nature and experience of childhood in the past.  The Centre is the only dedicated research cluster focused on the archaeology of childhood in the UK, and reflects the significant concentration of archaeologists of infancy and childhood at Sheffield. Through our respective approaches, and collaboratively as a centre, we seek to illuminate the world inhabited and created by infants and children across time and space.