Fillingham Project overview - A Late Anglo-Saxon Cemetery in Lincolnshire

The Fillingham project was set up by Dr Dawn Hadley, Dr Andrew Chamberlain and Jo Buckberry to investigate a late Anglo-Saxon cemetery, first discovered in 1953. A training excavation for undergraduates at the department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield was carried out in July 2000. This excavation revealed that the cemetery had been disturbed by a post-medieval quarry, but also showed that the cemetery was adjacent to an earlier Anglo-Saxon settlement. A small area of undisturbed graves was identified at the end of the July excavations, which were excavated by a small team from the department over a particularly rainy weekend the following October.

Previous Archaeology in Fillingham

  • Skeleton found 1953
  • Further burials excavated 1982
  • Other archaeology in the village

The Case for a Possible Second Church

  • Documentary Evidence
  • The Domesday Book
  • The Lindsey Survey

Geophysical Survey

Geophysical Survey - the Paddock

Geophysical Survey - the Orchard

Fieldwork July 2000 - Settlement Evidence - The Field Survey

Fieldwork July 2000 - Settlement Evidence - Excavation

Excavation October 2000 - The Cemetery

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