Fossil Hominid and Primate Collection

The Department of Archaeology maintains a large collection of skeletal and fossil teaching casts of modern humans, primates, and fossil hominids from Africa, Asia, and Europe. The collection is an invaluable teaching resource and is also useful for some student dissertation projects, and has also been highlighted at University events such as Researcher's Night during the Festival of the Mind. The department was recently able to expand our collection with funding provided by the bequest of the late Mr. Peter Glover, and it currently numbers over 100 casts representing modern human population variation, a small collection of primates representing major taxonomic groups, and fossil hominids from the Pliocene to early modern humans. In addition to crania and mandibles, the collection includes important postcranial fossils such as AL 288-1 ('Lucy') and KNM-WT-15000 ('Turkana boy'), as well as numerous more fragmentary fossil remains and partial skeletons of modern apes.