Past Introduction to Human Osteology Short Courses

The Department of Archaeology has run introductory short courses in Human Osteology since 2010. The current Introduction to Human Osteology course has been running since 2014. In the last three years, there have been six sessions attended by more than 120 people.

Course Feedback

Many thanks to everyone who has attended our short course. We hope that you enjoyed the experience! Here is some of the feedback we have been given over the last four years:


“Brilliant course with a good structure and set the right pace. Instructors are clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic”

“Well done! My score is 10 out of 10”

“Very good value for money”

“Very helpful and informed lectures, well prepared and informal. A very enjoyable short course.”

“Very excited to be allowed to work with such old skeletons!”


“I have learned so much in the last three days!”

“It [the course] exceeded my expectations – because although it is an introductory course it covers several subjects and there a lot of time for practice and questions (and feedback). This way you can learn more than the basics.”

“Overall a really good course, very informative and met lots of lovely people ”

“The course was very interesting – it covered all the important aspects that need to be considered when looking at bones. The course was well structured, interactive and involved students in group work and feedback. This is in my view a good method of communication.”

“I enjoyed having hands-on experience with real skeletons rather than casts which I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with before.”

“I’ve found this course to be a very beneficial grounding in human osteology and will be able to use the information given, as well as suggestions for resources going forward”.

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Short Course 2017

Keep in touch!

We would love to stay in touch with all our short course participants. If you have attended the course, or would like to know more the department, why not check out our department facebook page and follow our osteology staff on Twitter
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Dr Katie Hemer @KatieAHemer
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