The Ethnoarchaeology of pig husbandry in Sardinia and Corsica - Output & Acknowledgements


Management & Seasonality

Ecology & Evolution


"The results of our 2002 campaign are published in the following article:

Albarella U., Manconi F., Vigne J.-D. & Rowley-Conwy P. 2007. The ethnoarchaeology of traditional pig husbandry in Sardinia and Corsica. In U.Albarella, K.Dobney, A.Ervynck & P.Rowley-Conwy (eds). Pigs and Humans: 10,000 years of interaction, pp.285-307. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The work carried out in 2005 was presented as an oral communication at a session on Ethnozooarchaeology, which was organised by UA as part of the 10th conference of the International Council of Archaeozoology (ICAZ) held in Mexico City in August 2006. It will be published as part of a forthcoming book with the same title produced by Oxbow Books"


This project relies of the kindness of the pig keepers who shared their valuable insight into village life with us. No less important was the role of family and friends, who helped us in making contacts and guided us to the right places and right people. The hospitality that we have received in our quest for information about pig husbandry is too great to be fully acknowledged. Too many house doors and wine bottles were spontaneously opened for us to remember them all. However, we would still like to mention the incredible support, help and enthusiasm of Lino Ruiu, whose Hotel Santelene in Dorgali soon became our `base camp´ during the 2005 campaign. For Corsica we would like to mention the assistance of Remy Ricci, Jean-Denis Vigne and François de Lanfranchi; in northern Sardinia our work would have not been possible without the help of Antonello Sechi and Giancarlo Spada; and in central Sardinia we relied on the knowledge and kindness of Nazarino Patteri and his family, Filippo Sotgia, Pantaleo Fancello and many others. Simon Davis, Paul Halstead and Peter Rowley-Conwy have provided valuable advice throughout the project.