Sheffield Centre for Archaeobotany and ancient Land-usE - MSc Dissertations

Archaeobotanical and Geoarchaeological M.Sc. associated with SCALE.

2012 Eaglesham, F. Charred plant remains from West Halton, Lincolnshire
2011 Vitolo, M. Charred plant remains from Selhurst Park Farm, West Sussex
2009 Kim, H. Charred plant remains in fifth mill BC NE Syria
2009 Walker, A. Bronze Age & Iron Age charred plant remains from Tell Nebi Mend, Syria
2009 Hunt, A An archaeobotanical investigation of charred seed remains from Tell Majnuna
2009                                         Godfrey, L. Agricultural systems of 2nd millennium Mesopotamia  
2008 Appley, C. The Bronze Age of the southern Furness Peninsula  
2008 Boyd, G. An archaeobotanical study of the Tell Brak Oval  
2008 de Carle, D. Charred archaeobotanical remains from Uruk levels, trench TW, Tell Brak, Syria  
2008 Laparidou, S. Geoarchaeological investigation at the Early Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk, Turkey  
2007 Allen, R. The archaeobotany at Wendens Ambo: a re-interpretation  
2007 Longford, C. The archaeobotany of Sos Hoyuk, Turkey  
2007 Wallace, M. An experimental approach to einkorn wheat and tiger nut survival through the digestive system of sheep and the application of the archaeological consequences at Catalhoyuk, Turkey and al-Mudaybi, Jordan  
2006 Gkatzogia, E. An archaeobotanical investigation of Ezero mound, Early Bronze Age in South Bulgaria  
2006 Michou, S. Charred plant remains from Chevdar, Bulgaria  
2006 Stewart, K. An investigation of the archaeobotanical material recovered from a medieval well in Sheffield  
2005 Forster, E. Agriculture in and around the Derwent Valley, Palynological Evidence for Cultivation at two sites in the Peak District, Derbyshire.  
2005 Townley, L. Peat initiation of non-blanket bogs in the southern Pennines: a multi-proxy approach  
2004 Kasper, K. Analysis of the macrobotanicals from Room 9 at the Assiros Toumba site.  
2004 Ng, K. An examination of charred archaeological remains of vegetative parenchymous tissue in the Bach area of Catalhoyuk, Turkey  
2004 Richer, S. A palynological study of the Upper Derwent Valley: an examination of the pollen from Cranberry Bed & Green Sitches.  
2002 Chase, B. The evolution of Lake Humber: a survey of research addressing the subject of Lake Humber in the Vale of York from 1894 to the present day  
2002 Mills, T. A study of wheat frequencies in 3 mediterranean regions through the Iron Age and Roman periods  
2002 Stone, N. Some archaeobotanical samples from 3rd millennium BC Tell Brak  
2001 Legge, R. Charring experiments and carbon isotope analysis on einkorn wheat and its relevance to archaeobotany  
2001 Livarda, A. Analysis of the archaeobotanical remains from the late Roman-early Byzantine site of Gradishte, Northern Bulgaria  
2001 Nani, K. Modern pollen studies in Ioannina, N.W. Greece  
2001 Ryan, P. Palynological investigations at Minehow, an Iron Age Site on the East Mainland of Orkney  
2000 Carpenter, R. The Late Devensian sediments of Cove Farm, Westwoodside - processes of deposition and their regional significance  
2000 Chrysopoulou, E. The identification of activity areas by physical and chemical characterization of sediments from modern and archaeological domestic floors  
2000 Cox, A. Gradishte: an archaeobotanical investigation  
2000 Galli, E. Earth structures deterioration process and patterns of deposition  
2000 Kotzamani, G Analysis of the archaeobotanical assemblage from Room 53, Assiros Toumba: further evidence on the Late Bronze age storage complex  
2000 Vaughan-Williams, A. The interpretation of the archaeobotanical remains from Khirbet al-Mudaybi  
1999 Ballantyne, R. Norse period use of plant resources in the Outer Hebrides, and an evaluation of charred plant macro-remains as indicators of space use.  
1999 Bending, J. Hittite to Byzantine: Arcaeobotanical Assemblages from Kilise Tepe Southern Turkey.  
1999 Hald, M.-M. A study of the charred plant remains from Uruk period Tell Brak, Syria.  
1999 Head, K. The vegetational history of Llyn Ddu Isaf on the Black Mountain in South Wales.  
1999 Simmons, E. Plant remains  
1999 Vandorpe, P. An analysis of the archaeobotanical samples from Tell Brak, Syria. Early Uruk, Jamdat Nasr.