Sheffield Centre for Archaeobotany and ancient Land-usE - People

The Centre for Archaeobotany and ancient Land-usE is led by Professor Glynis Jones, Dr Mike Charles and Dr Gianna Ayala. They all teach modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level, supervise PhD students and are involved in several major research projects within the Department.

The following researchers are also based within the centre:
Dr John Hodgson
Dr Emily Forster
Dr Michael Wallace
Ellen Simmons

Current PhD students based in the centre:
Craig Appley
Tudur Davies
Danielle de Carle
Hyunyoung Kim
Catherine Longford
Gemma Martin

SCALE collaborators based in Animal and Plant Sciences (University of Sheffield):
Prof Mark Rees
Dr Colin Osborne
Dr Georg Frenck
Dr Catherine Preece
Thomas Kluyver

SCALE collaborators based in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield:
Dr Nick Fieler
Dr Eleanor Stillman

SCALE collaborators based in Life Sciences, University of Manchester:
Prof Terry Brown
Dr Richard Stephens
Sandra Bunning

SCALE staff and students

SCALE Alumni:

Dr Alison Crowther
Dr Jennifer Cunniff
Dr Fusun Ertug
Dr Christoph Herbig
Johannes Kutterer
Dr Alex Livarda
Prof Marco Madella
Dr Ursula Maier
Dr Welmoed Out
Dr Hugues Pessin
Dr Debora Zurro