Biological and cultural identity of first farmers - Vedrovice


Vedrovice is located in southern Moravia in the south eastern part of the Czech Republic near Moravian Krumlov (Ondruš 2002). Sections of the site were excavated between 1961 - 2000 and encompass the settlement, three enclosures as well as two cemeteries: the early LBK cemetery "Široká u Lesa" (our study focus) and the "U Vinklerovy Cihelny" burial ground (Humpolová 2001; Humpolová and Ondruš 1999; Podborský 2002). The Široká u Lesa cemetery was systematically excavated between 1975 and 1982 uncovering an area of 4,500 m2 which yielded 96 burials (Podborský 2002).

image of human bones

The Vedrovice site has an excellent state of preservation and has yielded a considerable range of material culture including: ceramic vessels, miniature vessels and figurine fragments, post holes from housing structures, pits, ovens, flaked and polished stone tools, grinding stones, human and animal skeletal remains, bone tools, ceramic weights, and drilled ceramic disks (Humpolová 2001; Humpolová and Ondruš 1999; Ondruš 1963, 1965, 1972, 2002; Podborský 2002).