Student Ambassadors

The Department is currently recruiting students to work as Ambassadors to assist with Open days from December 2018 - September 2019. Ambassadors play a crucial role in the Department, acting as positive role models and sharing their experiences of student life with prospective students. They enable applicants to find out what University is really like and to be inspired by the possibilities a University education can open up for them. Ambassadors work with a varied age range of prospective students ranging from 6th-form students through to mature applicants, and therefore need to be great communicators, friendly and approachable.

The role is paid and offers flexibility in terms of time commitments as work is available on an ad-hoc basis. We expect high levels of punctuality, professionalism and reliability at all times.

All our Open Days are interactive, and activities are designed to inspire and enthuse applicants about what the Department has to offer – we ultimately want prospective applicants to leave the event with the desire to come to Sheffield and study in our Department.

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Main duties and responsibilities of the post include:

• Working closely with the Department Admissions Team and other Ambassadors to assist in delivering a positive experience to prospective students at recruitment events.
• Providing support to small groups of Open Day participants in the delivery of activities.
• Providing support and guidance to applicants on various aspects of higher education including your own personal experiences of applying to, and studying at, the University of Sheffield
• Using your own initiative to approach and communicate effectively with open day visitors.

Applying to be a Student Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador you should first download and read the About the Job for the role.  You should then fill in our Google Application Form through MyJobshop, ensuring that you address all the points listed in the Person Specification in your answers to the questions.  We will let you know if you have been selected for interview. Please note you will need to register with myJobshop before you can accept any work, please see link below.

The closing date is Friday 12th October 

About the Job

Apply to become a student ambassador

Register with myJobshop

I became an ambassador so that I could help and advise people who are considering coming to university. It’s also exciting to meet lots of new people from up and down the country and beyond. I love being an ambassador as I feel like I’m helping people make a major life decision. I have gained several skills while working: I am more confident speaking to people I don’t know, I can confidently lead a group of people, and my knowledge of the campus and department has increased significantly.

James Marsh, Second YEAR BA ARchaeology studenT

Student ambassador FAQ’s


Who can apply?

To apply you must be a current Archaeology student with the right to work in the UK.

Can international students apply?

International students can apply to work as a student ambassador. It is your responsibility to check if you have the right to work in the UK and adhere to any work limitations which may be set out on any UK visa/right to work documents you have. For further information please visit:

Can I work as a student ambassador for more than one academic year?

Yes. If your conduct and performance was good during the previous academic year, you will be invited to continue working as a Student Ambassador.

Break in Studying

Can I work as a student ambassador if I suspend my studies?

No. If you suspend your studies you will also need to suspend your work as an ambassador.

I’m going on placement/study abroad as part of my course this year, can I still continue as an ambassador?

Yes. It is important for us to have placement/study abroad students working at events such as Open Days in order to promote the importance of placement opportunities to new students.

Cancelling Shifts

I need to cancel a shift I’m meant to be working – what do I need to do?

Ambassadors must check their course timetables and diaries before committing to work. We understand that timetables do change, so if you find you are suddenly unable to work a shift that has been confirmed to you, please inform us ASAP.  The sooner we know of a cancellation, the sooner we can replace your shift and offer the work to another ambassador. If you need to cancel work which has been assigned to you, it is your responsibility to call/email us as soon as possible.

I’m sick but meant to be working – what should I do?

If you are ill, it is your responsibility to call us with as much notification as possible. This will aid us in finding another ambassador to cover your role.  If you feel unwell a few days before a shift, please inform us so we can prepare reserve ambassadors.


Who can I contact with generic Student Ambassador queries?

The best way to contact us is via email

Who should I inform if my details have changed?

As a Casual worker you are required to inform Human Resources if your details change These include:
• Change in home / email address
• Changes to you bank account

Finishing as an ambassador

What happens if I can no longer commit to being a Student Ambassador or I need to take a break?

Please email as soon as possible. We do understand that your studies take priority, that deadlines sometimes get on top of you and that unforeseen events happen in life outside the department. We much prefer you to speak to us (in confidence) rather than simply stop working. You can stop being an ambassador at any time.

Will I be able to get a reference once I’ve finished working as a Student Ambassador?

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Yes – we can provide references upon request. We are only able to provide basic employment references (e.g. confirmation of dates of employment) rather than a character reference.


How will I be paid?

Student ambassadors are paid by BACS directly into your bank account. Student ambassadors must complete timesheets via myJobshop.  It is your responsibility to submit timesheets for work you have completed.  You will receive a pay slip for each month you submit a timesheet.  

When do I need to complete my timesheet?

You will be notified by myJobshop when a timesheet is available to complete. 

How much will I be paid?

Student ambassadors will be paid at grade 2.1. Further information on rates of pay can be found at