Your Future with Archaeology

Opening up a whole new world of experiences and opportunities for you.

With a degree from us, your future could take you anywhere. Plenty of our graduates go on to work in archaeology, but the kind of analytical skills you develop studying here are a great starting point for a whole range of careers.

What can I do with an Archaeology degree?

If you've got a passion for the subject, we'll help you become an expert. And the opportunities are there – around 5,000 people in Britain earn their living as archaeologists. Some are in universities, museums, archaeological units and heritage parks. Others work for national and local government.

Together they continue to advance and deepen our understanding of civilisation and you’ll find Sheffield Archaeology graduates in major commercial units, heritage providers and university departments across the UK.

Because our teaching emphasises critical thinking, combining scientific and arts-based approaches to archaeology, you'll get transferable skills and practical experience to make you successful wherever your future takes you.

So if you don't pursue a job in archaeology then a whole range of other careers will be open to you. Some of our graduates have followed paths as diverse as:

  • financial services
  • media
  • healthcare
  • information technology
  • environmental work
  • journalism
  • law
  • teaching

Find out more about your options with an Archaeology degree

Your career with Archaeology

How we help you reach your goals

All of our students are supported in their career ambitions in the department.

At our annual careers fair you will have the opportunity to meet alumni and potential employers. In modules like Archaeology Matters and Workplace Learning you will have opportunity to work with community groups and undertake a work placement.

Or you can take a whole year to gain practical experience with the Degree with Employment Experience.

And your personal tutor will be supporting you the whole way.

Careers Week

Each year, the Archaeology Department holds a week of activities focused on careers and further study, within archaeology and beyond.  In addition to presentations from external speakers in a range of industries, there are hands-on skills development workshops, the opportunity for employer networking and field trips to experience first-hand where a career in archaeology or heritage could take you. 

Support with careers advice and and employability

The University provides a wide range of opportunities for students to enhance their employability and enable them toFind out more about the wide range of options available to our students to enhance your employability and  Careers support available at the University.

Careers Service Support

Our Graduates

Name: Rosalind Buck

Degree: BA Archaeology and History, MA European Historical Archaeology

Job: Historic Environment Record Officer

Ros is one of almost 40% of our graduates who go on to work in the Heritage sector.

Studying at Sheffield has taught me to never underestimate all the fascinating possibilities of archaeology, and to never assume that the most obvious explanation is the right one.

Archaeology student Ros Buck

I love being able to share information about the region’s historic environment, especially with local people and communities. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing someone say ‘oh I never knew that before, that’s really interesting!'
The research and writing skills I developed while at university have proved incredibly useful. Being able to sift through a range of sources and then create and share the information in a clear and accurate manner, so people with a range of archaeological knowledge can understand it, is an essential part of my job.

Name: Nick Groat

Degree: BSc Archaeological Science with Employment Experience

Placement: Derbyshire County Council Historic Environment Record

Nick Groat

Doing a year in industry as part of my undergraduate course has been unbelievably helpful for giving me a leg up when I graduate. I now have a year's worth of experience directly in archaeology and an invaluable qualification for helping me apply for further education.

Archaeology sets you up for a wide range of careers!

  • You will be equipped with a wide range of skills, including problem-solving and working with difficult sets of data

  • You will be flexible and have demonstrable experience working as part of a team

  • You will have demonstrated your organisation skills and skills in self-reliance

  • You will already be familiar with looking ‘outside the box’ which is attractive to employers

Claire Henry

Name: Claire Henry

Degree: BA Archaeology and Prehistory

Job: Interpretation Manager, English Heritage

What did you do after graduating?

After three exciting and fascinating years, I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Archaeology and Prehistory. Throughout my ten-year career in heritage I have found that this qualification has opened doors for me in what is an extremely competitive industry. I was so inspired by the broad and thorough grounding my degree gave me that on leaving Sheffield I was keen to find out what the heritage world had to offer, beyond archaeological excavation work.

What was your first step?

My first job at the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as a Grants Assistant was ideal. I worked on a huge range of heritage projects across the country, from the redevelopment of Stonehenge to the purchase of a granite watering trough. The projects that inspired me most were the ones focusing on interpretation, making heritage accessible a diverse public, especially museum exhibitions. I decided to specialise in that area, so after two years at HLF I went back to university. I gained a place on the popular Museum Studies MA course at UCL. During my interview, the board were impressed by my degree from Sheffield and I was offered one of the few over-subscribed places on the course.

What did you do after your MA?

After the MA I worked for a year as Research and Communications Manager at the National Museum Directors’ Conference (NMDC). I then went to work at the Natural History Museum as a Senior Interpretation Developer, working with designers and scientists to create the content for exhibitions including the Vault – a new permanent exhibition of the NHM’s most precious minerals. After three very enjoyable years at NHM I joined a small consultancy firm to carry out fascinating work creating a new visitor centre at a dessert park and archaeological site in Abu Dhabi.

What is your current role?

Last year, I joined English Heritage as an Interpretation Manager. With stiff competition for the role my Sheffield degree was an essential feature of my application. I’m based in London but I travel all over the country working with historians and designers to develop exhibitions. In spring this year I completed a new exhibition at a 17th century fort. I’m now working on two new exhibition projects at the Henrician fort in Portland and Kenwood House in London.

How has your degree helped you towards your career?

Throughout my career I have been impressed by the reputation of the University of Sheffield and, in particular, the Archaeology department. I love my job and I’ve had a fascinating career to date. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without my degree from the University of Sheffield.


I always wanted to be an archaeologist. When I left school, I chose to study at Sheffield as they seemed to have everything from cutting edge archaeological science to fascinating field projects in a large, but very friendly, department. I have never regretted that decision. The exceptional teaching transformed my vision of the discipline and, together with the invaluable excavation and laboratory experience, gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in archaeology.

Ben, BA Archaeology

Curator of the European Bronze age collections, the British Museum

I took a BA in Archaeology at Sheffield, then worked in education and community outreach for Clifton Park Museum and for Creswell Crags. I am now studying for a PhD in Education. Moving to a different department and Faculty has really impressed on me how useful and transferable my archaeology degree has been. The main things I take from my BA in archaeology are the ability to question assumptions and to understand why people ‘know’ what they know, and a really broad perspective of how people did things and how they thought.

Abigail, BA Archaeology

PhD student, department of Education, University of Sheffield

After my graduation I plan to work within heritage management or get involved in forensic archaeology, as these are jobs you can do with an Archaeology degree that I didn't know about until I started university.

The University of Sheffield has a great reputation for archaeology, both academically, and in the profession. Having graduated I had no problem finding a job. In fact most of the people employed on my present site are Sheffield graduates.

Sanne, BSc Archaeology