BA Archaeology and History (FV41)

The BA Archaeology and History is a flexible dual programme. You’ll be a member of both the Archaeology and History departments and your degree will combine the study of historical texts with the investigation of past material culture. Carrying out archaeological fieldwork will give you a broad understanding of the history of Europe and a deeper insight into significant historical issues.

Archaeology and History are a natural combination and the departments work closely together. In addition to core modules in each department you will choose from an extensive range of option modules that allow you to really focus on the aspects of history and archaeology that interest you most. You could choose to focus on ancient, medieval and early modern European archaeology and history or contrast your archaeological study with elements of modern or international history.

Archaeology and history

Along the way you’ll gain skills that help you to identify and analyse relevant bodies of research. You’ll learn to exercise independent judgement and be critical of accepted opinion and you will develop effective written and verbal communication skills that will enable you to present your findings to a variety of audiences.  Participation in archaeological fieldwork is not required but it is a highly encouraged option!

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Level 1
Archaeology History
Towards Modernity: anthropology, archaeology & colonialism The History Workshop
Emerging Europe: from storage to Stonehenge & states
Plus at least one from:
And optional choices from:
Revealing the Past (fieldwork)
Origins of Humanity
World Civilisations
Classical World and its Legacy

Empire: From the Ancient World to the Middle Ages

The Making of the Twentieth Century

The Transformation of Britain: 1800 to the Present

And optional choices
Level 2
Archaeology History
Archaeology and Text Historians and History
And optional choices from: And optional choices from:
Europe’s First Farmers
Minoans: Crete in the Bronze Age
The Ancient Greek Economy
The Celtic west: from the fall of Rome to the Viking Age
The Archaeoogy of Anglo-Saxon England
Archaeology Matters (fieldwork)
Warriors, Saints and Heroes in Early Medieval Britain; The Salem Witchcraft Trials, The Myth of Venice, The Medieval Inquisition, Coercion and consent in the Third Reich, Murder in the cathedral: The Becket Affair, Religion in an Age of terror: Ancient Texts and the Making of Modern Israel, Gender, Culture and Society in Britain 1650 - 1850 plus many more
Level 3

*While the majority of dissertation projects do not involve any additional cost to the student, you may incur some expenses if you choose a topic that is not resourced by the department

This module is exempt from the expectation set out in General Regulations relating to intellectual property which states, “A student undertaking undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes of study shall be the owner of the Student Intellectual Property created by that student”. If a student works on a project designed by or in collaboration with, or on data generated by or in collaboration with, a member of staff or a third party, a written agreement on ownership of intellectual property must be signed and lodged with the Department. Otherwise, any intellectual property generated will be owned by the student.”

Archaeology History

And optional choices from:
Egypt in the age of empire
Rome: Capital, Hinterland and Periphery
Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain
Athens and the Black Sea
Work Place Learning (placement module)

Catastrophes and Climate Change: prehistory to Modernity
Decoding the Landscape: integrated methods in landscape archaeology

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Plus a Special Subject , taught over both semesters
Personalise your degree

Personalise your degree

The flexible nature of the course allows you to take more of one subject that another.  for example, you can decide to keep your degree evenly split between the subjects, or you can take more of one subject than another in a major / minor.

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