Recording St. George's Churchyard - an ongoing student research project

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St. George's Church is located in the heart of the University campus. Construction of the church was completed in 1826, and it was used for worship until 1978. A few years later the University of Sheffield took over the church building and it has been used as a lecture theatre ever since.

The church was commissioned as part of the nationwide thanksgiving for the victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. A number of churches were built throughout the country, and these became known as ‘Waterloo’ or ‘Commissioner’ churches.

In the grounds surrounding the church building remains the 19th century graveyard. The graveyard was used for only a short period of time, from 1830s until the 1870s when it was closed to burials. In 1907 the churchyard was designated a ‘public open space’.

The Department of Archaeology is working to record the burials in St George’s churchyard in order to better understand its brief history as a graveyard. Our key research questions include:

  • How was the space in the churchyard used?
  • Who was buried there?
  • Why was it only used for burials for a short period of time?

We are investigating these questions through a combination of ​three main approaches: ​
grave marker recording, surveying ​the graveyard ​and archival research with the burial records. Participants in the project include staff, current students and visitors to the department.

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