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Studying at SSoA

We are one of the longest established and leading schools for architectural education in the UK. This attracts excellent students and academic staff from all over the world who contribute to a socially vibrant and academically challenging environment.

Our staff and students can often be found working not only with communities in Sheffield, but more widely across the United Kingdom and beyond. By applying our creativity while simultaneously grounding our students in practicality, we seek to benefit those communities.

Our school pioneers new approaches to architectural education underpinned by our world-class research. It is our aim through research and reflection to open up the field of architecture, embracing all those who engage with it, so making it more relevant and effective in its social purpose.

Our Courses

We currently offer a wide range of professional as well academic degree programmes including Undergraduate Degrees (RIBA Part 1), MArch Programmes (RIBA Part 2), Postgraduate Taught Masters Courses and PhD Programmes.

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Your Learning

Your LearningActive - We include many opportunities for active and applied learning. Sheffield students become very skilled in contributing to group work and this skill is valued greatly by employers. Exchange of ideas in group work informs your development of your own personal agendas.

Engaged - We believe that engaging with others and with communities outside the University is important. Many of our courses include projects and opportunities that encourage engagement with other groups. Sheffield is well known for its 'Live Projects' programmes where students work on real projects to lend their expertise to local communities.

Reflective - We encourage you to be reflective about your own education. This helps you to gain a balanced perspective on your learning and development and helps you to plan your own agendas.

Applied - Student-led activities populate the academic year and are of great value in developing your resourcefulness, initiative and confidence.

Transformative - Your own development and growing knowledge is a form of transformation. At Sheffield we also have groups who try to influence the transformation of institutions and communities outside the University.


One of the main tasks of a School of Architecture is to prepare students for architectural practice and the profession. Our professional courses are fully accredited by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

We educate our students to be knowledgeable, open, enquiring and critically aware, thus enabling them to lead and change the profession over the next 50 years.

There are three stages in becoming registered as an architect.


The BA (RIBA Part 1) degree is a wide-ranging and popular degree with both formally taught and studio-based teaching. Not all students will necessarily become architects, and some may choose related or supporting disciplines later. We offer dual accredited undergraduate degrees in architecture and landscape and architecture and structural engineering. These innovative courses were developed to address the need for increased understanding between professions.


Following their degree, students work in practice, completing a year or more as an architectural assistant before they return to University for the MArch (RIBA Part 2) course. Our MArch courses allow students to pursue their own architectural interests and directions, guided by an innovative programme of studios which offer different thematic and theoretical positions. This variety provides a broad path of learning, and we expect a mature and research- orientated attitude from our students.


After working in practice again for at least a year, students may prepare for their professional examination which they take whilst working in practice. Successful completion of a Professional Practice Course, or RIBA Part 3, entitles the student to register as an architect.


Space Hacking

Through a process of playful exploration groups of Year 1 Students are asked to work in groups to design and construct an urban intervention to improve a some abandoned or underutilised spaces in Sheffield. On the final day the finished structures are constructed in the public realm, giving the students an opportunity to see how the public react to and interact with their design work.

Widening Participation

Each year, we work with the University’s Outreach Team to encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds to consider entering Higher Education.

We work with pupils from local schools who are at a disadvantage for reasons of family background, ethnicity or economic circumstance.

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Live Projects

Masters students work with a range of clients including local community groups, charities, health organisations and regional authorities. In some cases the projects involve actual building, in others design of urban masterplans, in others consultation exercises. In every case, the project is real, happening in real time with real people.

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